Why a Leak in Your Roof Should Be Addressed Immediately

While you’ll likely grab a bucket to catch the water leaking through your roof during a storm, as soon as it’s over — or even during — you should get in touch with a roofing company that serves Bensalem, PA and the rest of the Philadelphia area — like us — to fix that leak immediately.


Although it seems like a small leak or drip won’t harm anything, the longer the leak goes unrepaired, the more likely mildew or mold will grow. In addition, the longer you wait, the greater the chance the structural integrity of your home will become compromised, and the health of your home’s other occupants may become jeopardized (if mold or mildew does grow). Inevitably, as a leading roof replacement service in Bucks County, PA, we want you to know that leak won’t go away on its own, and the longer you wait, the more costly the repairs may be.

To help ensure that all of your home’s occupants are kept safe, we’d also like to remind you of how important it is for you to know how and when to look for leaks in the roof.

Over the years, we’ve had many homeowners reach out to us after they have noticed a leak. However, we’ve also had our inspectors tell unsuspecting homeowners they have leaks. To help you get a better idea if your roof has a leak, you can consider doing the following two things after a major storm, or even when it’s sunny:

Do a quick survey of your roof after a storm – If the storm not only had heavy rain but high winds, there’s a chance that a few or many shingles could have shifted or disappeared. Therefore, if you notice some shingles are looking out of the ordinary as you survey your roof, it may be a sign that you’ll have a leaky roof and that calling a roofing company is necessary.

Check your roof even if it’s been sunny out – It’s a no-brainer that you should check your shingles after a storm, but you should also check them (every so often) if it’s been sunny. In fact, buckling and curling shingles will be more obvious when it’s sunny and can be the reason why you have leaks down the road.

To discover if your roof has a leak, or keep your ceiling from leaking in the future, get in touch with C.R. Thompson Roofing today to schedule an inspection.


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