What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Roof

A tree on a home

Storms and hurricanes can cause many disasters, such as flash flooding or power outages, but strong winds can also cause trees to fall. Should one drop on your home, do you know what to do when a tree damages the roof? Before contacting roof repair in Philadelphia, PA, learn the eight steps to take if […]

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Why is Roof Ventilation Important?

roof contractor fixing ventilation vent

We’ve all been there — the attic that’s practically frozen during the winter becomes a sauna in summer. Without proper ventilation, your attic can affect any room on your second or third floor and wreak havoc with the temperature throughout your property. Not only that but constant heating and cooling can lead to roof shingles […]

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What to Look for In a Roof When Buying a Home

woman holding house key and miniature home

When you’re planning on buying a home, you probably have an entire checklist to help guide you through the inspection process. From mold in the basement to leaking HVAC units, most future homebuyers already have an intuitive sense of what to look for on the inside of a house. However, too many people overlook the […]

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How Professional Roof Repairs Can Save You Money

Keeping your roof well-maintained is essential to extending its lifespan while also improving curb appeal for your home. Reaching out to a company offering emergency roof repair in Philadelphia is a great way to stay proactive and keep your home in excellent condition. Our professionals can quickly repair your roof, which can save you a […]

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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roofs

A roof is one of the biggest investments for your business. Keeping your roof well-maintained is a great way to extend its lifespan while also reducing the need for repairs. Following a few preventative maintenance tips will help keep your roof in excellent condition. However, it’s always important to contact a company offering emergency roof […]

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Can I Replace My Roof in the Winter?

The best time for a roof replacement is usually during the spring, summer, or early fall months. Warmer weather makes it much easier to install a roof, which expedites the entire process. However, you may need to use emergency roof repair in Philadelphia due to the aftermath of a storm or a natural disaster. Our […]

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